Da Breather Weekend

Entry 387

Gday all
hows it goin?

Life have been hectic and i sort off like it ! fast paced hectic lifestyle which is something like the one i have in KL . The feeling of getting heaps done in a day is just fulfilling !!
Well the last 5 weeks of uni has been full on !
Uni work just seemed to self replicate every second !
Heaps of uni assessments and etc..

On top of that balancing uni life, church life, sports life, social life and personal life has been interesting. Been meeting heaps of new people everyother week which is fun (",)
Well last weekend i just decided to take some time off to take a breather which was more like another jam pack weekend but it was worth it !!

Managed to catch up with some good friends from church back home.
Thanks Ai Vee & Jack it was really good to catch up with you both again !!

Lil Cousin's 6th B'rthday !

Yeah this lil kid, Jeremy just turned 6 on friday !

This lil kid is like my lil bro lol.. just seeing him grow from difference stages of his life is just a blessing. I miss seeing my other siblings grow up too into awesome people.

Other than that managed to try out the new train line from Macquarie University Station to Chatswood Station. It was just a break after studying for a quiz which was good.

The New Underground Train Line

Well managed to meet two other people i haven met in ages too who are kit and Kar wei.

It was a good catch up. Thanks Ai vee !

Then had heaps of seafood too..

savoury lobster

Salt and pepper lobster

crabs with noodles
Well back to my hideout under the pile of assessments and books LOL..
I managed to play badminton on sunday so it was great !
have a great week !
take care n God bless


Randy said...

the train looks good...
Malaysian transport will never be this good...

ruth tan said...

LOL .. i would say LRT is better . the trains in SYDNEY ARE SLOW !