Indoor soccer

Entry 386

Thursday, went for indoor soccer after 3 long hours of class .
Haven played footie in awhile been playing heaps of bball,badminton, tennis and touch.
so it was good playing footie again.. :P
here are some pics

Alive Sport

Tom trying on a trick

Kyle da goalie

Lil supporter *screams*

Lil kid balancing footie ball for me (",)

Dan da english man goalie

Dan da coach & team manager

Res footie team

Good game team !
Have a great week.
take care n God bless


p/s-played bball,tennis,touch footie,indoor soccer now all i have to do is play badminton then its complete hahaha *jokes*


Andrew said...

Fun!! I missed mine today... Was in church doing worship practise.. PA System.. LOL +D

ruth tan said...

well its alrite.. i reckon church was fun too ..

ahlost said...

I've never played indoor soccer :(

Maybe I should try one day :D

ruth tan said...

yeah u should .. but i like futsal better :D