Entry 377

Dear Daddy God



for never failing to put a SMILE on my face !
You never fail to amaze me over and over again (",)
Things are begining to make more sense as days goes by
Thanks for teaching me more and more stuff each day
Making me realise why things happen

Thank you for always Blessing me with so much !

Through these seasons
You have taught me heaps and brought me in and out of them
There were times where i felt so lost and confused
But you never fail to reveal the reason behind it
as i waited patiently

You have brought many people in and out of my life
i am thankful for all of them as they have been a blessing in their own unique ways !
I pray that you bless them as they pursue their dreams
and i hope we still be in contact

Thanks for giving me HOPE

in time where it was absolutely HOPELESS
in time where i felt it was the END
in time where things just didn't make any SENSE !
in time where it was DIFFICULT
in time where i felt like GIVING UP
in time where i just wish it NEVER HAPPENED
and so on..

As i walk into this new season of my life
Help me as i battle through this coming new semester !!
make it an awesome semester that i will never forget
equip me and lets get going !


p/s-well take some time to listen to Joyce Meyer on her msg on HOPe it is very encouraging !


Andrew said...

My Unfailing Love~

ruth tan said...

yeah .. never ending too :P