Entry 395

As Easter is round the corner, CBM decided to do something different this time around.
CBM stands for Campus Bible Ministry
Outdoor meeting was the plan.
It was a nice hot sunny autumn day.
Here are some pics of the Thursday CBM peepz

Part of the Thurs CBM gang !
(John,Josh,Shanan, Claire, Penny and me)

Jen n me

Well just a lil encouragement.

CBM is just right before my 3 hours class on thursday arvo.
So one thursday i was running late for my lecture which is the first hour of my class
and a friend asked "So why are you late?"
As i sat down in the lecture room next to my friend and without further thinking i said "I was at CBM and it ended late"
To my suprise she replied "Oh i was thinking of attending it too but haven had the chance to look at which to attend."
Now she is attending CBM on thursdays with me and then we head off to class together (",)

As i look back and reflect on it, if i have given a different answer to my friend's question i reckon things would be totally different now at this point in time.
Thank God for friend.
have a great Good Friday and Easter !
take care n God bless


Randy said...


Just don't make attending late a bad habit... LOLZ

ruth tan said...

lol nah i go on time :P