Long EASTER weekend

Entry 396

It is the long easter weekend once again.

This time along i joined the Easter Challenge Sydney 2009 for basketball with my usual bballers. The competition was held over this long weekend at Bankstown Basketball Stadium.
It was an awesome two day competition and just hanging out with bballer and friends.
Enjoyed it eventhough i am kinda sore and broken now but with rest i will be fine :P
Anyhow i will let the pics do the talking.
Thanks to Zhi,Micheal, and others for snaping away for me. Credits goes to you guys !

Bball pics of Day 1

On the Bench

Da Ballerz ! ! Good job !!

top: Mei Juin, Tammie, Ivana, Hui, Larissa
Bottom : me, lucie, mandy,juliet, zhi



Da Team's Cheerleaders ! Thank you Hui Friends

After the game we went for vietnamese Food coz we were in Bankstown !!
We went for Pho at the Famous Ahn Restaurant !

This is how passionate the team is bout bballing lol .. they talk bball over lunch too !

and guess who i met at B-town ? !!

me & will
On Good Friday Larry decided to dye easter eggs ...
So it was "Project Easter Eggs ('',) "!

We used some hard boiled eggs and some non-cooked ones.

Then u need some food colouring

Mix the colouring with hot water and white vinegar !

Dip the egg into the colouring

Or even SOAK IT !

Here are some of the easter eggs me,larry and micheal dyed !

And this is my Favourite one.. i shall name it "Mr Elmo"

Larry with her red easter eggs

Me and Micheal with our team-effort to make our Ninja Egg :P


And more bball pics of Day 2

Lil kids Starting young !

The Score-takers on the bench !

my bad fall :P

Number 11 !!
Da Score sheet .. the game i managed to get 4 fauls in the 1 half :P
and didn't get faul out .. wohoooooooooooooooo

FREE-Throws ('',)

Well singing off now.
Will not be blogging for abit.
Time to get some more serious stuff done.
take care n God bless
Blessed Easter !
for more pictures click here


11*blue said...

number 11 too!!!~~~

Andrew said...

yippie!!! =D "mr elmo" egg.. LOL =D blessed weekend to you!! number 11 in action!! super cool!!

ruth tan said...

shi hui : number 11 rox :P

andrew : lol that egg went missing i think my hsemate took it hahaha .. thanks for the compliment :P

zHi zHi said...

the basketball stadium so nice~~
brisbane also got a basketball stadium~~~
i refereeing there~~~

nice to meet you~~

ruth tan said...

coolies u are refeering :D did u have to take the level 0 or level 1 courses ?

zHi zHi said...

I din take any course at Australia, because i have the authories letter from Malaysia Basketball Association, so that i straight away go to level 3, hehe~~

ruth tan said...

wah cool !! i also want a letter haha... u write one for me ok ? :P