Unwind N Refresh

Entry 405

This intra-sem break has been good.
It kicked off with Ally coming up here just to chill.
Hanging out with awesome people.
Then chilling with bballers.
Reflection and having some "RUTH time" ('',)
Went book hunting at koorong.
and heaps more.
I'm glad that my last pit stop is back to my lil cousins place.
Life has been randomly busy with everything it has installed.
But despite of this crazy hectic lifestyle i have, i have learnt that i need rest.
As much as i love doing everything, there are time the best choice is to PASS.

As i unwind and refresh
As i prepare for the last battle for this season
I pray that i will prioritize in the best manner
And be able to have the best of all worlds !
Above all the most important thing is i still can smile after a long day (",)

Love this lil ones Amelia n Jeremy and the ones back home !!
Back to my vacation

have a great week
take care n God bless



Andrew said...

LOL... I haven't quite learn to pass!! LOL -D

ruth tan said...

its not easy man. it is quite a sacrifice :P but at the end of it you will feel that it was a good decision after all. prioritize!