Mid Sem breakie pics

Entry 429

Life has been pretty occupied. Despite that i still love my random life ('',)

I have been doing well in not getting ice-cream, its been seven months i have yet bought a tub of ice-cream to be stored in my freezer. Its been good haha.. i used to eat heaps of it last year. it was so good that it could be my staple food lol. I could finish 4Litres in a week. Neways i have an ice-cream buddy whom share the love for ice-cream and we are going on a ice-cream tasting spree lol ...

This is the Belgium Chocolate ice-cream. Its so rich and so good.

19.09.09 The Big Exo Day
Decided to volunteer for The Big Exo Day, which is organised by Youth Alive, and is one of the biggest year youth event in Sydney, Australia. It was a good experience as i have been hearing bout it the past few years and finally being able to be apart of the event was something. It was good to see heaps of schoolies at the event. Relient K, Lecra, New Empire were playing and Reggie Daabs was the speaker for the night session.

20.09.09 Paintball
Uni friends decided to hit Action Park at Rouse Hill for some real war game.
This is my second time playing paintball, the feeling of going into the field was just good.
Thank God i came out of the field withough bruises despite getting shot couple of times ...

21.09.09 Road Trip to Canberra
Some uni friends decided to do a Day Road Trip down to Canberra to chill for abit.
I have never been to the capital of Australia which is Canberra, so i decided to join them.
Its a fairly organise city.

First Stop was Cockington Gardens which is the minature gardens. Went around looking at the lil building and we all looks like giants. Had a bbq there.. the weather was really nice and sunny.

2nd STOP : FLORIADE , The Yearly flower festival which runs from sept till november

3rd STOP : Australian National Museum
Broke the tour with uni friend and met up with Kian Chee (KC).
To all the G4's and SS17 ppl.. our good friend here is still alive ('',)
Thanks dude for coming all the way to meet up with me and be my tour guide for 3 hours
and all the walking .. it was good fun hanging out and meet up with you again ! cya soon !

4th STOP : Australian National University (ANU)
Toured ANU for abit.


Meet up with ashley tan after so many months...
Da homeless dude at the train station lol .... *jokes* and dinner with hise mates.


Bball with Da Dynamites . good game team !



24.09.09 Graffiti with Noelle Kan
This is what i drew this time..
it is specially dedicated to you (you know who you are :P)


That's all for now...


Andrew said...

weeee..~ I know who is "who you are" .. LOL =D haha

ruth tan said...

weeee =P