Entry 430

Gday hows it goin?
I'm currently on mid-sem break which is a much needed one. Its been awhile since i blogged, took some time off from this public journal to attend to some more important stuff. Life has been very random, occupied, interesting and indescribable. Heaps of things has been happening this year itself. Many things happened and heaps of lessons to be learnt from. The learning process never ends, makes me feel younger each day as i'm a student for life. Life is really like a jigsaw puzzle, its a whole entire journey where you pick up lil pieces as you go along, finding out whether it fits or it does. Keeping the nicely fitted up and discarding those that doesn't and moving on to complete the massive picture called LIFE. At times the nicely fitted pieces are derived from the years of moulding, patience, hoping, waiting and groaning. Recently i read a book titled "DESIRE" by John Eldrege .

To wait is to learn the spiritual grace of detachment, the freedom of desire. Not the absence of desire, but desire at rest. Detachment is coming to the place where those demanding children are at peace. It is not a cold and indifferent attitude but it is an authentic spiritual understanding of detachment devalues neither desire nor the objects of desire. It aims at correcting one's own anxious grasping in order to free oneself for commited relationship to God.

Bottom line is this WAITING do not dimish us but we are ENLARGED in the waiting. Well we don't see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become and the more joyful our expectancy. There is actually a sweet pain in longing if we will let it draw our heats homeward.
Waiting does get tiring, mundane, plain and slow but there is a reason behind every waiting. As said we enlarge in the waiting. Therefore, i will continue to savour and cease this season of waiting.

have an awesome day and weeks ahead.
take care n God bless