3 weeks later

Entry 434

DAY 21 of recovery since the massive fall
Wounds are healing up pretty well
Is able to walk and run already
Left hand is still regaining strength tho
Back to the gym taking it easy so yeah
And Getting back to everything ...
Thank God for His Grace and speedy recovery

Today is the day that changed my life four months ago
And is really glad and contented because of that
And is cherishing every moment of that
Thank God for that day and person which i am on a journey with ('',)

Done with the last week of uni for the semester
12 more days till finals
This semester has really been full on
Assessments just seemed to be multiplying as time passes.
Fell like i just came back from home not too long ago and just started uni
and now its nearly done
Had my last assessment yesterday which was a presentation where we had to wear all formal

Alritee till then im out of here...
back to the hideout

take care n God bless



Andrew said...

hehehe *hugzzzz* glad to hear that you are recovering pretty well over there!! =D Praise God for speedy recovery of course and yeah, have fun "journeying" !! =P

ruth tan said...

Thank God ('',) i am enjoying every bit of my season in "journeying" =P