Entry 433

I am learning to enjoy REST
as in not bumming or just lazing around
rest as in putting a STOP in the whole running around pushing the limits

As i sit here behind the desk
I giggle to myself, must it always be something that happen to you to make you learn?
This is not the first time aye
Well i do admit i love my fast paced life
But over the past few days since i had my massive fall on friday evening,
heaps of things has been running through my head which goes in line with the reminders given by all.

Well last friday, like every friday the plan is to hit the gym for abit then bball sesison and dinner w the gang.
But i did not make it to the gym nor bball but instead to the emergency room at the hospital.
On that friday, like every other day, normally when i hit the gym i will cycle down this massive steep hill and cycle back. its part of my training routine i do to work on my stamina n fitness.
Anyhow while cycling down the massive steep hill, midway towards the gym the bike skidded and hit the walkway and crashed!! I landed on my left side of my body.
Thank God that there was this dude walking out of the gym and saw me, who rushed to help me.
Later on my housemate and her boyfriend came and get me to the hospital.

Despite the LONG LONG wait in the emergency room to get my dressing down and x-rays,
I sat there in waiting in pain, controlling every tear, i kept telling myself you will be fine and you will get better
I am very thankful that i walked away without any serious injury.
That solid few hours in the emergency room did bring back heaps of memories 
Being there in a state of semi-shock after the massive crash, i really wanted my loves ones around
And i am really thankful to have larry and micheal around to cheer me up
Thank God for sparing me and my life.
With the full on fast speed i was on my bike, i would have been worst off.

It has been couple of days now i have been resting since friday.
I am very thankful for people who cares, concern and worry about me.
Who constantly check on me, calls, message, visit, massage me, bring me food and etc ..

As I sit here enjoying the stillness and quietness of life with restricted movement
I ponder to myself:
how have you been doing life ?
prioritizing in your life?
is it worth it running and running pushing your limits and miss out the MOST important point in life?
am i allowing silly thoughts and people run through my mind?
and etc...

As I rest I am learning to have peace within me

As I go through this season of life and healing I want to learn to continue to perserve through and smile
As I rest I want to learn to be more mature in dealing with things, people, thoughts and emotions
As I savour and enjoy this season I want to learn to count my blessing and learn to be thankful
And after this season i want to be stronger and stronger for the upcoming seasons in life ('',)

Life is too short to just let it goes by each day without putting any effort in making it an awesome one.

"Let emotions subside and then make decisions" Joyce Meyer



Andrew said...

Glad that you are recovering well already dear =) Continue to rest and take good care of yourself ok?? *hugzzz* need to learn to rest more!! xD

ruth tan said...

Thanks. will do continue to rest and take care ('',)
you need to learn to rest more too :P

Ooops said...

I like the way you spend your time! Hahaha! Like me!

ahlost said...

Hope you're doing great by now ;)

ruth tan said...

thanks rose... much much better now :)