Week 11

Entry 431

Another week has passed.
Its week 11 of the uni semester another 3 weeks to go.Time just flies aye.
It felt like i just got back yesterday after the short winter break back home in KL.
Then it was sleep recovery for the first few weeks as who sleeps during holidays tsk tsk..
Semester has been full on with assessment after assessments it feels like it is just self replicating.
Life has been pretty occupied with heaps of stuff and it has been an interesting and random journey.

Testing after testing just keep showing up without notice.
Some comes unexpected
Some are being anticipated

The sky cleared up today after raining since friday ..
Daylight saving started over the weekend ..
Now around 7pm it is still bright, bring back good ol memories of home
Bballing each evening till it gets dark, the good ol days
It hailed on tuesday on my way home from uni in the train..

The ground look all white giving a lil taste of winter in spring ('',)

And not forgetting having ice-cream on a chilly day and any days is the best !

The storm came and left for now.
Sitting by the window enjoying the sound of rain, the chilly weather and the stillness was good.
After a hectic day or week it feels good to have some time off just enjoying the stillness.

Heaps of things has been happening and going on
Some are leaving for lands which seem greener than where they were before
Some are  moving on to another phase or stage of life
Some are  still being stuck in the same page after a long journey
Some are  changing for the better and otherwise

"Life is not a problem to be solved; it is an adventure to be lived"

I'm gonna revamp my adventure and live it to the fullest !
Thanks for being part of my journey and adventure, it has been a pleasure.
Hope you had fun and a good ride.

Hitting to the hideout for the last lap of the semester before it ends.