Twenty Ten

Entry 436

Blessed New Year Folks

Its been awhile since i last blog.
Had heaps of things to attend too.
2009 was a good year but 2010 will be much better !
Thanks to everyone who made my year an awesome one ('',)
2009 was a season of testing in terms of my life, family, relationships & etc.
Thank daddy God for seeing me through another year.
The year certainly did passed faster than it seemed !
Jan till mid feb last year was jam packed with summer school, bball, hang outs, summertime and etc
End of feb was back to uni and the whole uni student life woot woot lol..
March up till mid june it was uni student life cycle, bball , sports, road trips, food sessions, meeting & getting to know heaps of interesting people, church, connect and etc ...
Mid june till end of july went home finally after a year lols.. heaps of meeting ups&hangs outs, parties, sports, road  trips and met the dude whom i'm loving heaps each day.
End of July till end of nov back to the whole uni cycle, road trips, food sessions, ice-cream feast, got seriously injured but thank daddy god for seeing me through and the speedy recovery that allowed me to be back up and running after 2 weeks, church, connect, sports n etc...
End of nov till mid dec was a lil homecoming which was good to be home again and to spend time with loved ones, food huntin, road trips & etc..
mid dec till end of dec back for summer school, pre&post christmas was jam pack with avatar, road trips, food and more food and relatives were downtown and yeah not forgetting the famous sydney fireworks.

Now: back to summer school which has been keeping me occupied

Well life has been rather random, spontenous, fun, challenging, and interesting.
Season after season has taught me heaps and there is still heaps of learning to do!
At times in life, there ought to be things that will be thrown at you hard and painful
but lives goes on and these challenges are stepping stones to build you up to be stronger
and to bring you up to the next level..
its a matter of how you choose or decide to deal with it .
Life is not a problem but its an adventure to be lived !
So as i kick off this year into a whole new season of adventure in my life and what it has installed,
I would like to end with this  note

"Life is funny.. take a break and have a laugh ('',) "

Have an awesome year ahead folk!
take care n God bless