What SUITS ME ???

Hey peepz..

and all silent readers..
here is the time to respond..
yeah neway
what job or course do u think


need some idea..
as i consider on which professional course to do
please give me some advice or opinions
about what course or career or job suits me?

From sportswoman to photographer to artist
and etc...
so yeah ..
keep your opinions rolling thanks..



gfiona said...

Lets see... I'll just say wat I wanna say... It may not be suitable but hey, I love crapping. XD

I think u'll be a great photographer, since u really enjoy taking photos... I would die to be one too but u know la.. Parents... Sheesh... =/

Besides that... How bout a psychologist or smtg? Ur good when it comes to friends with problems. U help a lot and give really good advices... There's more to learn but I'm sure u'll be a great psychologist or even a good counselor one day! At least there's someone professional I can talk to when I go nuts. XP

Thirdly... A professional player? As in badminton or bball or smtg? lol... There's always an opportunity for u wat riteeee? Dont waste your talent!!! LOL... Or maybe u can be a part time player or smtg in the future?

Hmm... Then there's the business world... Apparently business management is a good choice there days... I dont exactly know wat its about but if ur into business, i guess u shud go for this loh?

N then about ur architecture, the one ur kinda gona take soon rite? I dont really know much about it but if u enjoy drawing n stuff, i say go for it!!

I think thats about all i cant think about... It may not be suitable but hey, at least I tried... X)

Good luck in choosing ur career!! My turn will come soon! Yikes!

ruthz said...

hey gal..
thank you so much for ur advice..
thoughts.. and comments
really appreciate it..
i will see what i can do bout it ok !!
all da best to u to in choosing your career ....