01.08.07 WHy Bother ?

Entry 213

Uni started again for me since yesterday ...
it has been abit laggy ..
yeah talk bout hols mood ...
time passed pretty quickly as soon as uni started..
coz i didn't really had much time to sit by and think about stuff..

been busy catching up with my sleep..
haven had time to sleep when i was back in KL ..
seriously it was one busy and hectic hols but i have

NO REGRETS about it !!

not until earlier today during on of the tutorials i had around 4pm ..
was listening to what the tutor had to say and all ..
but twice i slipped off thinking about stuff ..
yeah about things that happened back in my winter trip..

-Da' DArk SIDE -
You know what ..
sometimes when you are put into the dark ..
someday the dark side will be revealed to you !!
that is what i believe in...

though at times you will feel real frustrated and even think of
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(what do u call this ? )

lol.. i'm too happy to kill anyone lol.. hahaha...

no matter how hard people try to hide things away from you
sooner or later they will reveal it to you ..
it is like sin, it will catch up with you sooner or later ! ..
you might get away the 1st few times but then it will catch up with you.

well i'm not touching bout sin here ..
i'm just using it as a Metaphor...
neway i went out one day with this someone during my stay in kl ..
and we were just talking ...

and just updated each other with our own lives
then suddenly this pal of mine i think couldn't take it any longer
and decided to reveal everything about his situations..
you know what ..
in that instant i saw the burden he has been keeping the last few months
just went away .. you should have seen his face ..
i guess the amount of guilt he has to take upon himself was just too much.

earlier this evening i was just reading some blogs ..
it hit me again ..
about language people use nowadays..
it got me thinking ..
what made me have that stand not to use such languages..
i gotta admit i do use some of these faul languages
but yeah when i was young & innocent .. haha forgive me ..
but oh well ..
neway i dun fine it cool ..
so that is why i seldom use all those crappy languages in my speech & blog haha..

during my trip in M'sia a friend told me this , why you don't complain?
well my answer is this why complain ?
it will not change ur circumstances in abit !!
you think the more you complain ..
the easier your circumstances will be isit ?
nah it never happens !! maybe somthing will happen ..
ur situation will be worst !

I think this post is abit jumbled up .. coz everything is rushing through my mind now ..
like every other thing is like jumping up at the back of my mind asking me to pick them..
imagine M&M jumping and say "pick me !! pick me !!"

-just me-
neway i gotta say i'm a simple person ..
don't really bother about what people say about me ..
well i guess through experience is this ..
to change a person is a difficult mission
but to change yourself is NOT IMPOSSIBLE !!
since school days i'm not that goody two shoes person ..
and if i was there were heaps of things i wouldn't be able to experienced !
talk bout peer pressure !! hahaha..
yea .. when every other gal in skewl is trying to get as many boyfriends..
what do i do ?
i try to get into heaps of sports ..
so yea .. i don't regrets my decision of being so sporty
eventhough i get many remarks but you know what at the end of the day ..
you are living your own lives not your friend's lives nor your parent's lives.
you have one life
give ur best shot
venture into heaps of things ..
coz you never know when you will pass on ..
i have come to the stage that what people say about me
doesn't affected me deeply anymore ..

so why bother telling people how bad they are when you,yourself aren't perfect too ?
sounds abit crappy rite ?
but well there are heaps of people doing that ..
some do that out of concern but other do that because they are plain 'kepo'
oh well ..
neway in this life ..
you need to have principles and certain grounds of things that you believe in ..
that is what i think ..

tell me ur opinion...
i would love to know (",)

take care n GOd bLess