23.11.07 19th Wishes

Entry 265

As i get older this year,
yeah i'm officially 19th now !
there are heaps of things i wanna do .. but these are the MAJOR 19 !

1. Love God MORE ! and live a life pleasing unto HIM

2. Do not regret anymore things in life
3. Love myself more
4. Love my parents & siblings & relatives more
5. Love my friends more
6. Be more humble
7. Be more focus
8. Be more courageous
9. Be stronger mentally and physically
10. To have more patience
11. Be careful with my speech, attitude, behavior ,action and conduct
12. Live life to the fullest
13. Be a good friend
14. Live up to my name
15. See things in a different dimension
16. Do not give up or give in
17. Practices Beatitudes & fruits of the spirits and be wiser
18. Push my limits
19. Be myself

yeah ..
here come another new stage of life ..
yet another platform has to be build properly in order to ace forward and not stumble
therefore, help me by advising me, reminding me, helping me, and etc so that i will be able to pursue my future.


p/s- will update other stuff later


prav said...

i dont think it's possible for u to be more humble than you already are...