Siblings'r Blessings

Entry 273

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from left : philip,christine,carolyn & ruth

Growing up as the eldest has been a privilege. Trust me.
Being able to see the younger ones grow up is something very significant especially being apart of their lives whilst being an impact too. Having three other younger siblings is something special. By just taking time observing their behaviour, speech, attitude, action and conduct really shows who they take after and follow. That is why as being the eldest there are massive responsibilities to uphold. It’s a joy to see my siblings grow each day and becoming better from good. I believe having siblings is a blessing. I got to admit there were times when I was down under I really missed them heaps. Having them around disturbing you every time may seem very annoying but what counts is the amount of time spent together and the bonding that has been develop over time. I have seen many siblings depart to their own separate ways when they have grown up and their relationship is as good as being strangers. I do not want that to happen to me and my siblings. Oh well dear Christine, Philip and Carolyn you mean a lot to me and thanks for being a blessing in my life. I pray that you become better each day and become great man & women of God.

Take care n God bless