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Entry 274

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Goodday peepz

In devotion couple of morning ago there was an article regarding


My answer would be I am currently at a stop called "THOUGHTS STOP"


simple 2007 has been a massive year. Moving from familiar ground to unfamiliar ground.

Not forgetting being in the desert season and etc .

But I got to say God has been good to me, He has healed , protected, blessed, guide, taught, discipline whilst revealing stuff to me and he is still doing it.

Earlier on this morning i was just having a chat with my grandma and she was just telling me how her childhood life was and experiences and etc. I salute her for she is a very strong lady physically and mentally. Just imagine living 80 years ago, where the money value was super high. With few cents you can get sufficient food for a family per day. As my grandma told me her lifestyle then it got me thinking. In this modern era, we are so blessed to have internet, pc, cell phones, fridge, car, television and heaps of other things. But so often we take all these things for granted. What if one day all of these things are taken away from you how would you react?
Aren't we all blessed ? Blessed to be able to have a shelter over out head ? Food served on our table ? Being able to go to uni and i can go on and on...

my point is this . Stop complaining and start counting your blessing.
So think again.