OUCH i have been TAG-ed

Entry 285

Hey peepz

hows it getting ?
well it's not too bad here .. just uni life and yeah ..
it has been interesting and all . meeting heaps of new people and all ..
yeah i know this is not helping much in updating but i will update you all soon when i find time.
At the moment i'm tryin to sleep early and get above my work and have a balance with sports and socializing too ... so yeah

neway i got tagged by Melissa Woo ..

Here it goes ...

1. What was your dream during your childhood?Dreams???
Heaps .. i really wanted to be a lawyer then. The whole wig, black clothes and ability to help people seems so professional to me(still does at times) .. But later one it was being an engineer coz i found it so cool that they build awesome looking buildings, my dad is an engineer i reckon that explains . Then i wanted to be a doctor and all coz i wanted to help people who got sick. Besides i have been to everypart of the hospital.. yeah come to think of it i have been in the operation theatre, ICU, the babie area(can't think of the name), wads, emergency wad, except the mock..
i would love to learn piloting, professional photography, director, sportswoman, architect, missionary and heaps of more things ..

2. Do you like rainy days or sunny days? Why?
Both. Sunny days to play bball though there are indoor courts but yeah back home i prefer outdoors somehow and for all other reasons.
Rainy days are nice where i sit back and relax and thing through things.

3. Which colour do you like better? Black or White?
Both. THey both look professional.

4. Who would you marry?WHO??
The person God has planned for me..well that's if i have one ..

5. Where do you want to go most? Why?
Around the world. i would love to see and experience for myself other people's culture and lifestyles.

6. Which part of yourself do you love the most?
My height.. but i do wish to be taller...

7. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?
Hmm...good question. Talk to God !! I will think through stuff and try to learn the reason behind why it happened. I usually like to be in solitary to a place i can relax my mind.

8. What are you afraid of losing the most?
My unsaved family and friends.

9. If you met someone you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep it secret, observing?
Hmm..prolly pray about it..If he was the one meant to be then when it come,comes. if i'm that desperate i would have prolly went up to every guy i had a crush on and told them they were my eye-candy rite.. LOL hahahha

10. List out 3 good points of the one who tagged you.
-very unique person
-God loving person
-a very interesting person

11. What are the requirements that you wish for your other half?
-be a Christian
-Fear God and love God with all his heart
-have manners
-have good characteristics(if i were to list it .. it will takes pages)
-don't smoke
-loves sports
-loves photography

12. Up to now, what is the moment you regret most?

13. Which type of person do you hate most?
I'm trying to but the word HATE of my DICTIONARY !! i don't want to hate people.. hahhaa ..
Back to reality .. well i am neither perfect so i would want to change myself first so that i can be accountable to everyone. Face the fact everyone is different, it's just how you wanna deal with people.

14. What is your ambition?Ambition?
To be able to learn the most in life. Well if i can i would love to fulfill all my dreams.

15. Would you rather be someone else at this very moment?
My family .. I miss them.. alot ..

16. If you can have 2 dreams to come true, what would it be?
I want to be a doctor-lawyer-architect-engineer-pilot-sportswoman-missionary(can we count them as one dream?). Everyone to be saved.

17. What do you think is most important in your life?
Definately God, My DAD, MUM, SIS CHRISTINE, BRO PHILIP AND SIS CAROLYN,grandma, other relatives, close friends.

18. Who's your favorite cartoon character?
Popeye THe sailor man ..

19. What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
I will try to reach out to my unsaved family and friends.

20. The most worthwhile decision you've ever made in your life so far.
Sticking Close to God and not backsliding through desert season and hard times.

take care n God bless
have a great week ahead.