A Surprise Visit

Entry 297
Had a long week this week. Uni kicked off again on Monday and had normal 3 hours classes. Then I have Tuesdays off as always. Was studying for my quiz for the next day. It was kind of slow as it was a sunny day and i was trying to study in my room LOL ..
Well the day became interesting when i got a call from a private number asking me to guess who was it..LOL how often do you get calls from an unknown number asking you to guess who isit?
After awhile i realised who it was and i didn't believe that good friend was in Sydney.
The best part was she was in Sydney Airport leaving to Melbourne in an hour..sigh**
My bad i didn't believe that she was really here..
After all she had never mentioned that she will be coming to aus anytime soon ...
Oh well neways this post is specially dedicated this great friend of mine.
It was great hanging out with you and knowing you all these years..
hmm how many ah? 9 years now? or more/less?
neways you are the many friend i will treasure !
thanks for the friendship and the surprise :P
All da best in your future undertaking yeah !!
take care n God bless
and this Great friend is non other than

Photobucket at circular quay station facing Harbour Bridge

At the Rocks opposite Opera House

Photobucket at Darling Harbour (i'm glad this pic turned out nicely!)
yeah This great friend is Gan Fiona