Entry 296

Currently: In my room @ uni campus

Playing: some random instrumental playlist
Pending: MAF chapter 7 in front of me and movie "Made of Honour"
What's NEW: Managed to run 1.5km in 8:25mins

Real Name: Ruth Tan Zhao Yen
Nickname: ruthz or zhao
Married: Not YET! but hopefully couple of years down the road!
Male/Female: Female
High school: SMK Taman Melawati
College: Was at Taylors College. Now in UWS,Sydney,Aus.

Are You A Healthy Freak?: Maybe
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: Yeah heaps...too long to list it out :P
Current status: Single and unavailable but having good fun meeting new people!
Do You Like Yourself: Yeah why not ?

Surgery: Scoliosis

Person You See In The Morning: Myself in the mirror hahaha
Award: Heaps..(prefect,sports,academic and etc)
Sport You Join: Badminton,Basketball,Tennis,Squash,Handball,Futsal,Golf,Baseball,Cricket,Box

exercise,Swimming,Cycling,and kind of sports !!
Vacation: Winter Vacation is soon !!! in less than 2 months weeeeeee

Concert: Hmm..nah
I'm About To: Get down to some serious stuff !

Your future..
Want Kids: Yeah

Want To Get Married: Yeah
Careers In Mind: Having a few careers :P

Which is better..
Lips Or Eyes?: Eyes
Hugs Or Kisses?: Hugs
Shorter Or Taller?: Taller
Romantic Or Spontaneous?: Romantic
Sensitive Or Loud?: Loud
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: Nah skip that!

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: Nope don't think so

Drank Bubbles: Is that a drink?
Lost Glasses / Contacts: Nah don't wear them !!
Ran Away From Home: Nah never tried !
Liked Someone Younger: Hmm...maybe when i was younger
Broke someone's heart: Don't think so. If i did..i'm sorry

Been arrested: I'm a good kid :P
Cried when someone died: Yeah..i have emotional haha

Do you believe in..
Yourself: I try to all the time though sometimes not..

Miracles: Yeah absolutely! i got healed myself and seen couple !
Magic: It's crap..more like illusions
Angels: Yeah !

Answer truthfully..
Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: Yes

I tag:
Whoever is getting sidetrack with whatever they are supposed to do!

p/s- back to serious work ! Preparing for battle which is finals in a month's time !!
way to go!


mon said...

wow...this the first time i read that u wanna get married and with kids...i'm waiting for the invitation card yeah...heheeheh

ruth tan said...

LOL i reckon every lady on this earth wants to get married what !!! invitation card ? lol wait till i get a bf 1st then we talk la hahaaha .. or else u can have the pleasure to find me one to date LOL i sound desperate !

mon said...

well i dunno if every lady wanna get married but i'm sure most will want...but this is the first time i hear from u..it has always been u asking me...well i'm more than happy to find for u one if u really want loh...just tell me when u want to start..hheehe

ruth tan said...

LOL ..
oh well coz u never asked me so i never tell lor !! hahahhaa
when to start ...
hmm up to u la !! when u cannot stand seeing me single then u go find me one hahahhaa :P