Da Rae's

Entry 383

Met the Rae's when they were here this weekend.
They are awesome people.
Yeah Ashley Rae is my new housemate this year.
She is a really sweet gal and awesome person (",)
well her family is so nice too

Meet the Rae's

Guess what over dinner they gave fortune cookies for desert
and boy guess what i had in my cookie ..

LOL ... no comments

have a great week



Randy said...

hahaha... secret admirer, you sure only got ONE ah?


so cha meh? can only attract one secret admirer....

ruth tan said...

lol ......... watever meh !

Autumn Babe said...

hahahah~ secret admirer?
since the moment you knew that you have a secret admirer, have you been wondering who is he? keep thinking of him day and night. how will he look like. bla bla bla... :D

ruth tan said...

hahaha... nah :P
just don't have the time tho
but well hopefully they reveal themselves :P

Autumn Babe said...

wow... they?
like what your friend said that there are actually more than one?? :P hahaha... you just admit it!

Randy said...

to ruth - tell us.. who who??? (i think i already know 2)

to secret admirer - quick! post here.. lolz! Be a man weh!!!

Randy said...

for all you know the secret admirer is the fortune cookie manufacturer.. LOL

ruth tan said...

autumn : i really dunno who eyh ? unless u know !!

randy : lol...randy since when LOL
well as u know one is u the other u can go find one for me .. Preferably tall and fair !!

Radical_J said...

Tall and fair??? ruth, tall maybe la..but fair no no!!
Cos u are fair too... ur babies will be transparent!!! :p

ruth tan said...

good what then they will win in playing hide and seek :P

Randy said...

sorry to disappoint.. I'm not your secret admirer ok...
I don't find anything to admire wor.. how?

ruth tan said...

lol ... hahaha im really glad then . can sleep peacefully now :P