" Y O U "

Entry 384

Life has been interesing, excited and just amazing.
I love my hectic lifestyle.
Being always on the run.
As i open a new chapter of this life of mine on this long journey!
This past weekend has been something.
Street team on saturday was a good eye-opener.
Street team is street ministry whereby we go out to the neighbourhood to give a helping hand.
seeing the real thing, real people battling real life issues and where i began to count my blessing even more.
I am really thankful for everything and everyone whom You have placed in this life of mine.
During the Street teams there was this couple whom have been together for 12 years.
They have 6 kids and they will be getting married this wednesday.
It just blew me away when how their lil kids wanted their parents to get married after getting a lump sum. Instead of asking for toys or etc they wanted to fulfil their parent's dream.
Well for me it was just SO BEAUTIFUL !
Some families at the neighbourhood were really open but some were reserve.
Well it is normal like making friends sometimes you get really friendly ones but sometimes you get otherwise. But that is not my point. lol haha..
There was this lady who was in depression and was prolly having heaps on her plate.
I felt all she wanted was peace in her heart and she is looking for someone who is able to hear her our genuinely without judging her or giving negative comments and at the end of the long converstation she said she needed help.
neways my point is this God places people in you life for a reason.
Sometimes they are awesome but sometimes otherwise but there is a reason why they are placed in your life.
I reckon even for me i am human too who need a daily intake of encouragement and i am nowhere near perfect. So yeah if i could just encourage you to encourage someone today, you never know you will make someone's day (",)

As i walk this journey i am thankful for all the people who has/who is/who will be passing through this life of mine. I reckon they are there to be a blessing in a way which may or may not be significant.
Bottom line Thank YOU !! yes you for being part of my journey.
take care n God bless
have a great week


Andrew said...

well written!! very meaningful!! =D hehe.. i reckon you must have had a great time seeing those beautiful sights of life!! =D

ruth tan said...

hahaha yeah it has been Indescribable .