Sun breakie & Touch Footie

Entry 385
Sundays... Don't you just love them ?
I'm glad i made it for an awesome service and after that just having breakie with uni mates.
Thanks guys !! i think we had some middle eastern food.

Oregano roll

mili from slovenia.. i call her my mum LOL ..

Yesterday, Tuesday 24th March 2009 i played my first touch footie competition match.
Well i have been in aussie for 2 years now and somehow i was never really into this aussie
sport called "touch footie"(wiki) but since last year i gave it a chance and sort off learn the game.
The chemistry of this sport is the total opposite if i were to compare to bball and handball.
You play it on a field but you pass backwards and try to avoid people from touching you whilst
try to run from one end to another. Anyhow it was fun.

The Game (thanks Tom for snapping away :D)

Team during time out (",)

And finally "Res Touch Footie team 09"
thanks guys for letting me play as subs in your match.
it was good fun being able to learn&this sport



Muhammad Zuhaili said...

wey you play rugby!!!???

ruth tan said...

yeah aussie style called "touch footie" :P