04.10.07 - ouch

Entry 238


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hahaha nah .. just got scratch by some equipment in the gym hahahaa..

no biggie...
the whole reason why i blog is just to kill time for abit before i go to bed !!
well went box exercise today .. it was good =)

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oh before i go sidetrek ..
this post is dedicated to u Ms Fiona ..
happy now ?? sigh**
*smacks forehead!!*
great friend i have !LOL

well neway please go to samsungtorchbearer and scroll down to my submission.
Kindly just comment on it thanks ('',)

back to study..MCQ paper on sat ..

take care n God bless

p/s- oh btw if you want to send anything to me haha you got 1 month.. just pass it to my siblings or parents =P (save ur postage cost!!)

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